Approach business holistically – from first contact to loyal client

The main ingredient for effective digital marketing and good results is a holistic approach. From creating awareness with new potential clients, building company or brand recognition to creating relationships, closing deals and maintaining client loyalty. Let us guide you through these steps!

STEP 1: Create awareness and build brand recognition

Establish a website

A good website is today a marketing hygienic minimum. But this is only the beginning. We can advise you on the framework, design and content of your web site. The next step is developing a good customer experience and shaping an efficient solution for your business challenges


Optimize your website and rank as the first all web searches. That is how you will ensure that your potential clients will find you easily, you will increase website traffic and its effectiveness.

Managing social media

Establish your social media accounts in accordance with your target audience. Develop and shape outlets through which you will entice and convince your followers.

Digital advertising

Find your (potential) clients using paid advertisements on Google and its partners or on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube). Create advertisements that will convince and create results – clics.

Cooperating with influencers

Approach your target audience with the help of influencers that will present your products or solutions to their viewers. Through this you will get their attention and trust.

STEP 2: Build – Impress and convince

Managing social media

Establish and maintain a genuine relationship with your potential clients. Offer them content that is adapted and tailored to each individual social media platform. Stand out from the competition and maintain genuine interaction.

Digital advertising

Shape digital advertising campaigns that will attract and entice your target audience to act! Create advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube or Google. Create results!

Content marketing

Create interesting and captivating content and through it an attractive brand or company. Be innovative and not mediocre. Offer content with added value.

STEP 3: Close sales and maintain relationships!

Managing social media

Using genuine, interesting and relevant content, present your key advantages. Alongside content, use interaction and communication to continuously grow and maintain the community of your company or brand. Show that you care!

Digital advertising

Shape special advertisement campaigns that will address all individuals in the final stage of the purchasing process. Keep your loyal customers close with special deals and other benefits.

Content marketing

Create in depth and relevant content that will tip the scale in the purchasing decision making process in your favour. Allow your existing clients access to interesting content about your brand or company.

E-mail marketing

Be in touch with clients that have entrusted you with their contacts. Keep in touch with them and inform them of news, special offers and interesting content that are connected to your brand or company.