Meet our team

The team of IPM Communications is comprised of a group of young but experienced individuals, that possess a variety of different fields of knowledge and a common desire for development, growth and progress. In our work we focus on designing holistic, strategically oriented solutions from the field of communications. Our passion lies with the stories of micro, small and medium sized companies. The stories of people that believe in their work as much as we do.

Ana Pisar Čivčić


Ana has a master’s degree in marketing communication and is an expert in digital marketing. She has more than 10 years of experience in designing and leading a vast variety of different communications activities. She was awarded her bachelor’s degree in the London School of Public Relations and has the title of manager for business (Academy Netfork). She is motivated by projects that use a strategic approach to enter the field of digital communication, the ever-changing environment of social media, her passion is also copywriting


Nina Finžgar

CEO (on maternal leave)

Nina is the founder of the company M komunikacije, which joined IPM Group in 2020. She has more than 10 years of experience in the field of communications. In the last year she specialized in designing holistic strategic marketing approaches and solutions. Besides strategic challenges she has a passion for creative and content driven projects in the field of copywriting. She is also really talented for leading video projects.


Jana Bedenik

Senior Marketing Consultant

Jana holds a Master’s degree in Marketing Communications and is a digital marketing enthusiast. With a focus on content marketing, campaign design presents her with constant opportunities and challenges. Among her many years of experience within many areas of marketing, she likes to highlight social media success stories and event organisation. With a positive and motivated approach, dedication to her work and a desire to create successful stories, she is an added value to our team.


Lea Plut

Junior consultant

Lea spends most of her time on social media, mainly due to her job (but also in her free time). She has years of experience in managing different social media profiles on different platforms as well as extensive experience in digital advertising campaigns. She also loves to take on new and interesting projects. She is a versatile person and we can count on her with virtually any task from the field of communications


Blaž Ožbolt

Head of IT

Blaž has been developing web solutions since he was a teenager. He began his journey at IPM Communications as a student and now he is an integral part of the team as a fully employed coworker. Together we have successfully finished a wide variety of projects, through which he gained important experience in website development. He is continuously improving his knowledge in the field of SEO and speed optimization of online solutions.


Kristjan Kos

Junior consultant

Kristjan is an enthusiast in the field of digitalization and has a passion for digital projects. At IPM Communications he primarily covers projects from the field of digital solutions. Through his work he is mastering identification of client needs and consulting that allows for an efficient and quality made website.

Zoran Dramićanin

Head of strategic business development

Zoran uses his knowledge and many years of experience for the strategic development of the company. With his experience from the field of media and marketing, he always offers his assistance with projects that include purchasing of advertisement space. With his in-depth knowledge of negotiating tactics and different business approaches he always provides the best prices for our clients.


Jakob Jež


Jakob Jež has a rich background in sales, marketing, strategic business development and digitalization. Using this knowledge he designs personalized solutions and business models for our clients. With a creative, out of the box approach to solving business challenges he always finds the best solutions for our clients.